iOS 6 New Features

iOS 6 New Features, as claimed iOS 6 is very much different than iOS 5 and comes with more than 200 new features. Apple claims iOS 6 is the most Advanced Mobile operating system in the world. Today we will put some light on the major features of iOS 6 and how is it better then iOS 5.


We are writing this post on almost all of the new features of iOS 6. Out of the main features some are device specific, means some features may be missing for a particular device or a feature may be specific to a particular device.

Features of iOS 6


In our list we placed facebook at the top, because this is where everything goes these days. We saw twitter integration on iOS 5, now with iOS 6 comes functions to perform takes like updating your facebook status, posting a photo direct from your photostream or camera. It is a system level integration with added facebook function buttons, for example

  • Tap to Post – Now you can update your Facebook status from your notification center using Tap to Post button.
  • Photo Sharing – Users can post pictures to major social networks including Facebook directly from the photo app.
  • Content Like – Facebook like buttons are now available for most apps like iBook and iTunes Stores.


The Phone App gets a facelift with new look and a amazing new feature

  • Call Decline Options – Using this option while declining a call you can set respond with a preset or custom text message or callback reminder.


Siri gets some serious new lessons from Apple, she is much more smarter and accurate than before

  • Movies – yes movies, in iOS your Siri can lookup movie info, play trailers and even check showtimes of your movie, apart from this she can give you a review of a movie with ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Restaurants – Now Siri can search you a restaurant based on your preffered price and seating availability, location and cuisine. She can also you a preview of the restaurant and book a reservation.
  • Launch Apps – yes, no need to install jailbreak tweaks anymore. Siri can now launch applications on her own, both stock and third party apps by saying launch followed by the app name.
  • Sports – Are you a die hard sports fan, then you will love siri, she can update you with game scores, both current and past with more in-depth information.
  • Siri goes iPad – Siri is now available for iPad too.


There is not much difference on the user interface of facetime app but comes with to new features

  • Facetime over cellular – Now you can enjoy face to face chat aka facetime over your cellular network, you can use your 3g network where wifi is not available.
  • Number/ID unification – You can make facetime calls either by Apple id or the phone number of the device.


This is a major attraction for iOS 6, the Maps app is completely new and amazing new features are included, this time its not from Google its from Apple itself.

  • 3D Flyover View – thrilled by the amazing 3D map scenes in movies, you can get the same experience with this new maps app. With the acquire of 3D modeling company C3 technologies, the new Maps app comes with amazing 3D mofels of buildings, landmarks etc.
  • Turn by Turn Navigation – Maps app now have accurate and audible turn by turn direction navigation to make sure your reach your destination correct with the minimum time taken, it also shows ETA based on traffic conditions and makes reroutes.
  • Traffic – As said, its shows an ETA to destination based on traffic also it can make live alternate routes for minimal traffic.


Safari as almost same as the one of iOS 5 but do comes with few enhancements

  • iClouds tabs – you can transfer tabs from your desktop safari to your mobile safari.
  • Offline Reading list – Now you can save entire articles on your iOS 6 device for later reading offline.
  • Uploads – now users can upload media contents to websites right within safari.
  • Full Screen – this is a handy new feature to view webpage or read an article in full screen mode.


Features are same but enhancements are amazing

  • Sharing Menu – The photo sharing menu is completely new with features like upload to facebook, twitter and other social services.
  • Shared Photo Streams – users can easily share their photo steam among friends and family via the photo app or iPhotos.


Same old Mail app with new features

  • Pull to Refresh – just pull the mail app down and release to reload refresh your inbox
  • VIP Lists – can create a list of contacts that you like to receive notifications for every email from them.
  • Attachments – now, you can attach photos or other media without leaving the mail app.


This is brand new app which can be used to organize your digital gift cards, tickets or boarding passes. Cards are location aware, means if you approach a building and have a card saved for it, you will get a push notification.


iOS 6 comes with new changes in the Settings and few new addons

  • Do Not Disturb – a new option in the settings tab that we can either set to on or off, when on it will disable all push notifications at once. You can specify contacts and apps that you don’t want to get muted by this.
  • Relocated Bluetooth – The bluetooth toggle is now in the mail settings window of iOS, making it easier to access.
  • Improved Privacy – Now we can see what each App is accessing on our devices like contacts and photos, it also adds the ability to disable them if we want.